Collaborating with a multidisciplinary designer gives you the strategic advantage over your competitors. While they are squirrel-wheeling from conception to development to production to publishing and distribution, you will be thinking only how to spend money that you saved working with one expert who does it all.

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Creative & Confident

Hello there! My name is Kirill Solomein and I’m a Utah based Creative Director / Multidisciplinary Designer with more than 10 years of experience in Graphic Design, Creative Advertising, and Brand Strategy.

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Plan. Build. Scale

No matter where you are on your business journey, creative content will always be one of the most effective tools to connect with your customers. Establish your brand recognition on local, regional or global levels by increasing the amount of produced content, not your spending.


— Brand Identity
— Brand Strategy
— Spatial Branding


— Graphic Design
— Photography
— Video Production


— Creative Direction
— Online / Offline Tactics
— Demand Funnels

I don’t shy away from challenges, big or small.

Kirill Solomein, Multidisciplinary Designer.

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Why Choose Me

Choosing between a full-scale agency and a niche freelancer is a common dilemma for many companies. How to prioritize and choose between high-quality results produced by agencies on one end and cheap freelance labor cost on the other end? Fortunately, you don’t have to do it anymore! Work with Kirill Solomein – Multidisciplinary Designer – and balance up quality vs cost vs time!


# One

Just imagine how much money you could save by hiring one professional instead of 8? This is possible with me – my 10-year-experience allows me to compete with most of the narrow-profile specialists. A multi-disciplined designer is the key to saving your money.


# Two

If you choose to work with me, you will get the same level of service including Research, Data Gathering, Ideas Exploration, Solution Formulation, Plan Developing, Careful Execution, and Evaluation just if you worked with a full-scale agency but much faster. I set the task and I execute it. 


# Three

Get rid of multi-level, complex and time-consuming communication! With me you will have a clear understanding of all stages of your project and direct connection at the moment when you need to make an instant decision. I am all you need to know when you have a question or just need a status update.

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This is just a small selection of local and international brands I’ve been honored to work with. I have no preference regarding the importance of any project, large or small – they are all valuable to me.


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Let’s start a new project together! Simply shoot me an e-mail with details and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. It’s absolutely FREE, and 100% CONFIDENTIAL! In case your project is beyond my skills, I will definitely recommend the best professionals who, like me, work for outstanding results.


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