WSCC 2017

Logotype Design

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Writing for Social Change Conference: WSCC 2017 – UVU’s annual Conference organized  to challenge students and community members to effect positive change in the world through the power of writing.


Every year, the WSCC brings together many talented writers, unique speakers, and just indifferent people for the sake of change, but it does not have its own distinct voice / visual appearance. In 2017, the WSCC organizers felt the need to create a conference logo and turned to designers for help. The main requirement consisted of  words: uniqueness and modernity.


The logo that was created in the framework of the mini contest and turned out to be a finalist, does have many clearly expressed and hidden meanings. All the four letters have a different size and color, reflecting the individuality and variations of the handwriting of different writers. The letter “S”, in turn, resembles the symbol of a hurricane, which personifies the epicenter of events and the force encompassing.

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