Hand Lettering Without A Purpose

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This is a personal project, just the very moment when a designer wanted to draw something just for no reason … for himself.


The task was simple, here is the paper and today is Tuesday, what can you do with this? If it was a sponsorship project, I would include my creativity in it and immerse myself in a deep study of the market, after which I would draw a grid and create something perfectly correct, but there was no desire to follow the rules …


As you already guessed, I didn’t think long or look for some deep meaning and just let my hand draw what came first into my head. This is how the “Tuesday” was born, at such moments I have no one to compete with, I don’t want to surprise myself, and I don’t even pretend for anyone’s attention. I am so relaxed and reboot my inner world, but if this results in something interesting, then I share…

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Tuesday, “Tuesday”, Le Mardi … among the 6500 languages ​​there is one universal and very beautiful – the Language of Design.