The Pendulum People

You pay a price when you delay making decisions

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According to “Our World in Data” child labor has existed since 1851. One hundred and sixty-eight years human society promises to care for every child, but the scourge of child labor still leaves countless children deprived of their most basic rights. 218 million children are forced to work in hazardous child labor.


Primary. Create social awareness advertising about Child labor and reminding to all of us that it is time to take actions. Secondary: Illuminate stereotypical methods such as use or demonstration of crying, dirty, and hungry children images. Studies have shown that most people are experiencing negative feelings when they see unhealthy kids in a hazardous environment.


After conducting additional research, I have learned that most common problems in society still exist because people delay making decisions. Metaphorical comparison of people swinging between options and time urgency became my core idea. To show how important it is to make decisions fast and avoid the pendulum swing when fixing problems, I picked three real stories from my childhood. Each story is an example of child labor that I experienced when I was young, and because nothing has changed since then, I decided to show how expensive it can be if we continue to ignore problems.


Three objects – an apple, a carrot, and a hard roll were placed in very expensive packaging boxes. Each box includes my individual story and a 28-page long book about child labor. All boxes have price tags and a description of their product. This contrast and comparison technique helped to see ordinary things in a new unexpected way. It was obvious that one carrot can not cost $2,439.00 either the apple or the hard roll, but it was a very effective way to say: You pay a price when you delay making decisions.

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Cohesive style, best materials choice, creative idea, and no crying children, changed people’s perception and was a very effective tactic to use. Attendance of The Pendulum People fundraising was more open to hearing about the situation with child labor, then if they would see crying children’s faces. Interaction with the packaging was compared to “Treasure Experience Alike”, the State public affairs chair took a photo of every box from all possible angles, because she wanted to share it with her followers. I think the most attractive piece of The Pendulum People installation was moving pendulum or all three of them. Movement of running out time helped many attendants on December 11th, 2019 break their behavior pattern and make decisions. Join them and prevent child labor. Stop the pendulum.