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Bloom is a song created for my wife’s birthday. The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that everything from the beginning to the end was created by two people – Me and my wife Inna. During the shooting, even our children were with us)


With the help of the video, I wanted to support the idea embodied in the song. In the poems that I wrote it is said that there is a flower that blooms once a year and it happens at night, so not many can notice this event.


I chose a small castle in Orem because I wanted to show coldness, secrecy and lack of freedom. For contrast, I added sunny shots, but they were shown at the end, as a symbol of a happy ending.

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Working on the elements of personal branding, I wanted to make a T-shirt that would personify the legendary year of 1985. A new Cola appeared that year, Michael Jordan was nominated as a newcomer of the year, the famous Route 66 was officially closed and people were united under the slogan: “We Are the World”!