Business owners who are skeptical about the importance of a unique brand identity, in average pay $325,000 for the full trademark litigation. Having strong branding, on the other hand, can add value to your business up to 7 figures worth.

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From Strategy to Implementation

15 years of industry experience in branding were analyzed, boiled down and now available for you at any point. My expertise can cover your small business or organisation branding needs from an idea to prototyping to implementation without breaking the bank.


— Naming
— Logotypes
— Visual Identity
— Packaging
— Brandbooks & Style Guides


— Product Positioning
— Targeting
— Digital Presence
— Mission, Vision, Values
— Competitors Analyses 


— In-store Displays
— Special Events
— Product Launches
— Window Display  
— Trade Shows

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Request a free version of The Brand Identity Checklist. 

Answer 20 essential questions and identify what your brand is about. This simple exercise is designed to help you to narrow down your brand focus, set long-term goals and clarify what stands behind your brand.

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With Perspective to Success

Is it still possible to make a unique brand identity in 2020? The answer is yes, although it requires more steps to take, more data to analyze, and more creativity to apply. At the end you will have a clear understanding about your customers, your competition, and designed solutions to overcome existing challenges.


Phaze 1

— “C” Needs
— “C” Wants
“C” Demands
“C” Behavior
“C” Influence


Phaze 2

— Strengths & Weaknesses
— Positioning 
— Operations
— 3* Rewiews
— Media Activities


Phaze 3

— Exploration
— Gathering Data
— Solution Formulation
— Verification
— Implementation

―  The Facts

Trends 0f 2020


of users expect to have the same branding across all platforms/channels


of companies have formal brand guidelines


of investors want the companies they invest in to have a strong brand

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