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Besides Creative, Inventive or Enterprising, my clients call me Resourceful. One thing is to have a great idea, and it’s much more rare to be the kind of a person who finds creative ways to execute it.

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―  Introduction

Kirill Solomein

I’m a Multidisciplinary Designer & Creative Director, who has helped small businesses and organisations to develop visual and strategic solutions on a broad variety of projects ranging from Corporate Branding and Editorial to Advertising and Marketing Strategies.

―  Background

56.8389° N, 60.6057° E

Remember the past, look into the future. A life full of trials has made me who I am. To appreciate a loaf of bread, you need to experience hunger; to appreciate a warm climate, you need to live in the cold; to value wealth you need to experience poverty… I was born in Yekaterinburg, 5,707 miles away from my current location. I studied Industrial design at USUAA (Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts) and successfully graduated from Art School of N. A. Rimskogo-Korsakova with Gold Medal Award. During my post graduation I worked with many international brands such as Yellow Pages, Miele, Boffi, Giorgetti, and gained priceless architecture and design experiences. Later I joined a few creative agencies in Kiev, Ukraine, where I spearheaded design and marketing teams and led projects for Kievstar, Obolon, MilaVitsa, Western Union, Reynaers Aluminium and many other brands. Eventually I was able to build and run my own creative agency which is called Metamorfoza. After 2 years of success and design recognition on the national level I was forced to leave Ukraine and move to the USA with my family. Since 2014 I’ve been living and working in Utah as a multidisciplinary designer and creative director, who integrates design, marketing, and technology for local businesses in the same way and manner as I do it for national brands such as The Hershey Company,, Maceys, Williams-Sonoma.

―  Skills


PC/MAC: Adobe Audition, Adobe XD, After Effects, Airbrush, Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator, DaVinci Resolve 16, Corel Draw, C4D-3D, 3D Max, G Suite, Figma, Freehand Drawing, InDesign, Invision, Lightroom, Microsoft Suite, Photoshop CC, Premiere Pro, Sketch, Sketch UP, Webflow, WordPress.

―  Resume


Metamorfoza Creative Agency

Founder / Creative Director

Oct 2012 – Current time.

Worked with internal teams to generate ideas and manage the consistent creative flow. Led the design team in inspirational brainstorming sessions and helped to push creative concepts that worked across multiple channels. Helped facilitate workflow and capacity of the team. Generated concepts and art direction for all photography needs from shortlist creation to post-production edits and color grading. Helped enforce brand standards and implement brand strategy with clients’ marketing teams. Designed and executed advertising materials such as print ads, digital ads, marketing collaterals.


Founder / Chief Design Officer

January 2010 – September 2012

Was responsible for branding, marketing, design, media outreach, and message development. Illustrated interactive visuals (graphics, animations, video) from sketches to high-fidelity assets. Conducted administrative work and managed a team of 30 people.


Senior Designer

May 2008 – December 2009

Designed and produced marketing communications (print and digital) pieces for a wide variety of clients. Collaborated with the creative team, internal account teams and clients to develop creative solutions and then translated those solutions through a variety of channels. Together with the project manager was responsible for creating accurate costs and delivering programs within budgets. Stayed current on industry trends. Mentored other designers (staff, freelance, interns, etc.).


Interior Designer

June 2008 – April 2008

Worked with the interior design team to develop design solutions. Researched concepts and materials to support the design team on technical issues concept development. Worked within timely schedules to coordinate the completion of tasks through to final project completion. Conducted on-site observations and provided recommendations to help streamline ongoing design projects. Prepared and participated in client presentations. Selected furniture, materials, decor, etc.


Interior Designer / Consultant

September 2005 – March 2006

Met with clients and others such as architects or contractors to discuss the needs of the client. Developed designs – according to a brief – that were functional, appealing, and appropriate for the space. Used design software (such as 3D Max) to create models and visuals. Researched and prepared plans, diagrams or sketches for interior constructions, materials, lighting, and furnishing. Selected suppliers of materials and labor contractors. Estimated costs and submitted quotes for client approval. Inspected and supervised the work of tradespeople to ensure that quality and safety standards, costs, and deadlines were met.

―  Multicultural Competence

Hello, Привет, Здоровенькi були!


Я общаюсь на нескольких языках! Работа с амбициозными брендами и людьми по всему миру помогла мне понять нюансы культурного опыта, предпочтений и различий.



Я спілкуюся на декількох мовах! Робота з амбітними брендами і людьми по всьому світу допомогла мені зрозуміти нюанси культурного досвіду, переваг і відмінностей.



I speak a few languages! Working with ambitious brands and people around the globe helped me to develop nuanced understandings of cultural experiences, preferences, and differences.


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―  My Approach

Creativite Partner

Let’s be honest – Great design doesn’t always solve problems, but who does? The right type of a design leader, a proactive innovator with a holistic vision and broadly skilled who can manage all of the different phases of design in a smart entrepreneurial way.



Thinking wisely

I practice functional design and do not create conceptual art. Creativity for the case of Creativity? This is not how I work, I specialize in projects that are capable of benefitting or solving clients’ problems.


Hand crafted

I am not ashamed to roll up the sleeves of my snow-white shirt and get my hands dirty for the benefit of your project. Cutting, gluing, painting – I feel confident not only in theory but also in practice.


All my soul

I almost always dedicate 100% of myself to any project and treat each task with a soul. My personal interest turns an ordinary project into a project made with love.

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